7 Things You Can Do To Get Yourself Ahead of The Game When Restarting Your Job Search

We are in a period of uncertainty as a result of COVID-19.  Right now it’s difficult to predict when we will return to some sort of normality.

Equally no one is clear what that new normality will look like.

There has a been a lot of support to businesses from government.  Necessary and welcomed.

Of course there’s always a cost. 

Organisations are going to need a period of time to gauge the longer term impact of current events.

If you are looking to move jobs in accounting or your professional field in 2020, you might think it’s a lost cause.

Truth is right now is potentially an opportunity to get yourself ahead of the game when you start or restart your job search.

Here are 7 things that you can do to get yourself ahead of the game


Get clarity about what you want from the next job

You might always have worked in a profit orientated environment. 

What I’m noticing is that a lot of accountants and professionals are stepping back and thinking what they really want from their next job move.

Events like COVID-19 help pause, reflect and question.

Get clear about what you really want from your job search and focus energies on what you want.


Re-evaluate the sacrifices you are happy to make

Many or on to week 5 of working from home.  While it might have been a struggle initially, many are seeing the benefit, not least in terms of travel time.

It may be that you are happy with your commute.

Equally this might be the time when you consider this and other sacrifices you are willing to make going forward.

Work on your lists

When was the last time you sat down and created some lists that set out what you can offer an employer?

I suspect if you are like the majority, probably no time recently.

Right now you could create lists of knowledge, experience, skills, attributes, achievements.

You will probably surprise yourself in terms of what you have to offer.


Do some research

If you are hoping to move up a level, you could find out from others at that level, what it takes to succeed.

You could do some research around the sector or industry that you are keen to work in.

You could do some research about organisations you would love to work for.

You could do some research into the key competitors to the organisation you would love to work for.


Update your CV

A good CV can be the difference between a job interview or not.

Taking time to update your CV and doing it thoroughly will help a lot.

Work on your LinkedIn Profile

Millions are on LinkedIn but few really utilise its potential as a tool to find your next role.

Making sure your profile is complete and as good as it can be is a great starting point.

Taking time to do some keyword research to identify the most common words used in adverts for roles you will be applying for will make a difference

Connect or reconnect with your network

A lot of people focus on the number of connections or followers on social media.

Within those networks there are going to be people who might well be able to help you land that next role.

Reach out to them in a light touch way, asking for their help.

Equally be willing to do the same for your network

The Bottom Line: There may be some extra obstacles to finding your next job.

 At the same time there are things that you can be doing to getting ahead of the game.

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