10 Ways To Make A Bigger Contribution At Work

As an accountant or professional you are smart, talented and have a lot of potential.

Maybe your career is going well right now.  Maybe you are doing okay.  Or maybe you are struggling.

You know that there will highs and lows in your career.  It’s just the way it is.

On the other hand there are always opportunities to make a bigger contribution at work and increase your future prospects.

So what are 10 ways to make a bigger contribution at work?


Step back and get clear about your purpose

It’s really easy to be busy.  But when was the last time you stepped back and really considered what the purpose of your role was.

Clarity of purpose keeps you focused.


Review your time investments

You have a limited amount of time each day.  You can’t buy an upgrade. 

For that reason it’s important to think about your time investments.

Are you investing your time in low value or high value activities?


Speak to your internal clients

Even if you are employed in a function in an organisation, you have internal clients.

Reach out and discover what their challenges are so that you can start to help them address their challenges.

Be more of a player and less of a spectator

It’s really easy to focus on analysis or to choose to be a spectator.

Getting into the field of play and making things happen will enhance your reputation.

Really understand the business agenda.

If you are focusing more on the business critical activities, you are going to be viewed differently.


Become a researcher of successful businesses

Business knowledge is often confused with organisational knowledge.

When you have organisational knowledge you can make a difference.

On the other hand if you look beyond the boundaries of your own organisation you bring so much more value.

See yourself as a researcher in business, always looking out for ideas and inspiration.


Look at the potential of emerging technologies

Technology changes at a fast pace.  You don’t want to try and understand the minutiae of every bit of technology.

What you do want to be doing is looking at the potential of emerging technologies.

Get better at asking questions

Questions give you insight, understanding and knowledge.  

Being able to ask good questions will help you to find better solutions.

Get better at listening

Listening is the poor relation when it comes to communication.  Being a better listener will help you understand.  It will help you to respond better.

A great starting point is to simply focus on active listening.  As you get better start to focus on the non verbal communication too.

Recognise the collective contribution

No one person or no one group makes a business as a success.

Seeing and leveraging the collective contribution of others makes a big difference.


Go out of your way to help others

If you think about all your best bosses or colleagues, chances are they went out of their way to help others.

Aiming to help others succeed will set you apart from the majority in my experience.
The Bottom Line:  The most successful are not necessarily the best in their professional field.   It’s those who actively look to maximise the contribution they make in my experience.