10 Tips for Remote Job Interviews

Job interviews are still the most common way of selecting staff.

More often these are face to face.  However in light of the restrictions around travel at present, remote job interviews are likely to become more common.

If that’s something you are familiar with doing it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Chances are it will be a whole new world for some accountants and professionals.

Of course it’s important not to get phased by the remote job interview.

So what are my 10 top tips?

10 Top Tips


Allow more time for preparation

Good candidates should be well prepared.  Unfortunately many don’t spend enough time on their preparation.

Upping the time for practice is going to be important.


Find out as much as you can about the interviewer

Now you may do this as a matter of course.  Consider how you can learn even more about them.

Why?  Because you are going to have to work a little harder in building rapport. 

The more insight you have about the person or people interviewing you the easier it will be.


Make extensive use of technology when preparing

Record yourself on your phone answering potential questions.

Video yourself answering potential questions.

Do a mock interview remotely with someone to get comfortable with this mode of interviewing.

Wear what you would wear if a face to face interview

If you normally get booted and suited for a face  interview, do exactly the same for a remote job interview.

It will get you in the right frame of mind.

Log on to join the interview about 10 minutes before the start time

This will help you avoid last minute panic if you have problems with the technology.

Just because it all worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will all go smoothly on the day.

If possible test your audio and camera before the host starts the interview.

Make sure you have contact numbers for those interviewing you

This includes a mobile number for your key contact.  Having a landline number might seem fine.

Of course it’s likely that those who are interviewing you will be using a conference room and may not have their landline diverted.

Think about your broadband quality

If doing a video based interview, you are going to need a decent internet connection.  Fibre is going to give you the best speed.

Of course it’s not available everywhere.

Consider if you need to hire a meeting room with high speed internet connection

This is particularly important if you don’t have a great internet connection.

The screen freezing when you are talking to a friend or family member is fine.

It can be hugely frustrating if it happens when you are part way through answering a question.


Think about your background

Where you have your computer may not necessarily be the ideal place for doing a job interview.

A plain background with natural light works best as a general rule.

Use a decent microphone or headset

The quality of your audio really does matter. 

So make sure you have or have access to a decent microphone or headset.

Interviews are challenging at the best of times.  The remote interview adds another dynamic.  Equally it shouldn’t faze you if you are well prepared.