10 Realities of Job Interviews That You Need To Know

The goal of the job interview is pretty straightforward.  To find the best person from those that have been invited to interview.

While the goal of the job interview is pretty straightforward, there are certain realities that you need to be aware of as the candidate.

So what are 10 realities of job interviews that you need to know?

10 Realities


Interviewers Don’t Generally Have A Lot of Experience

This is particular true of those in professions (outside of HR).  Most interview once in a while.  

As a result they don’t necessarily ever become really good at interviewing.

Interviewers Aren’t Always Systematic

Good interviewers will have very clear criteria.  They will develop questions that help them assess candidates against their clear criteria.

Many will be a lot less systematic and rely on hunches or gut feelings.

There May Well Be Biases

Most will try to be objective.  The problem is that it’s really easy for all biases to creep into decision making.

Often these biases are unconscious.

There May Well Be A Preferred Candidate

Sometimes process dictates that you have to go externally to fill the role when your intention all along is to appoint and internal candidate.

The Best Candidate Doesn’t Get The Job

The person who sells themselves the most effectively does in my experience.

Interviewers Make Judgements Quickly

First impressions really do matter.  The opening minutes of the job interview are vitally important

You Will Be Nervous

If you are not a little nervous before a job interview, chances are you don’t really care about the role you are being interviewed for.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Stand Out

80%+ of candidates don’t do enough preparation ahead of the job interview. If you invest the time in your preparation, you will stand out.

You Will Get Rejected

Everyone does.  

Always reflect on the whether there was anything you could have done differently or whether there was just a better candidate at the end of the day.


It’s Not Life or Death

If you are unsuccessful this time around, there will be other opportunities in the future.
In truth job interviews are challenging.  Your goal as the candidate is to make sure that you put yourself in the best possible position to get the job offer.