Land Your Next Job Coaching

You’ve made the decision that the time is right to move jobs.  

You’ve made a few unsuccessful applications and wonder what you are doing wrong.

The reality is that landing your next job is:

  • A big personal commitment on your part
  • Highly competitive
  • Going to result in rejection from time to time
  • Often not down to being the best candidate on paper or even being the most experienced candidate.

With the right support and approach you can significantly improve your chances of success.

I help clients:

  • Get greater clarity about what they want from their next job 
  • Discover and better communicate their key career achievements
  • Implement the right job search strategies
  • Create CV’s that get them invited to more job interviews
  • Prepare effectively for job interviews
  • Perform effectively in job interviews
  • Convert job interviews into job offers.

There is no right way for every client and support can be tailored.

The best way to determine whether what I offer is right for you is to set up a no obligation consultation where we look at your situation and determine what might be the best option for you.

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