Why Imposing Change Never Works

Getting the buy in and support of the critical mass is one of the key contributors to making change in my experience.

Despite the vast majority of leaders not just understanding but recognising it really matters, there are still plenty examples around of trying to impose change.

Now it might seem like the easy way to go.

Thing is that even if you get the support and buy-in short term, it’s a bit like a plaster on the finger you cut.

It eventually falls off.

Pretty quickly you find yourself in the position where you are not only no further forward but more than likely have a bunch of disgruntled people.

This in itself is an even bigger problem.


Because those who tend to feel the brunt of the disgruntled people are your customers, clients or users of your services.

And you know what happens when they feel the brunt of a disgruntled people.

They tell friends, they post about their experience online on feedback platforms and on social media.

Pretty quickly you are on a downward spiral.

So what’s the alternative?

Accept that you need a critical mass on board before you implement something.  Yes it might take longer but the chances of getting a positive outcome from your change are greatly increased.

Involve people as much as you can.  Will it make things plain sailing?  Probably not but chances are people will be more supportive of a decision if they have had a chance to contribute.

Influence the influencers.  The fact is that in any organisation there are some who are more influential than others.  And often it’s not those who are the most senior.  In reality trust is a big factor.  Those influencers who have the confidence of others have already earned the trust.