What’s Working In The Organisation?

In all organisations in the public sector there is a lot of talk about finding new ways of doing things or working smarter.

While all organisations can always find improvements, it come sometimes feel like 5% is going well while 95% needs to change.

Yet in reality, it is probably the other way round. Chances are that it is more than likely that 95% is working well and there is 5% that it not going as well as it could.

This for me presents a great opportunity to make the changes in other areas by learning what makes those areas we do well so successful.

A simple and highly effective way is to use good open questions like:

  • Where are the major areas of the organisation that we perform really well?
  • What is about those areas that are performing well that is different from those areas that don’t perform so well?
  • What are some of the lessons that we can take from the areas that are performing well to those areas that are struggling?
  • What adjustments do we need to make in the practices for the best performing areas to make them as effective in the less well performing areas?

In many ways this seems so obvious.  Look for the bright spots in the organisation and then look at how we can replicate.

Often it is overcoming the prejudices or having too negative an outlook to the successful parts of the organisation that can result in internal successes not being a catalyst for change and improvement.

Goals and Achievements work with organisations and leadership teams in the public and not for profit sectors to facilitate and support change and improvement.