What’s Really Hindering Your Organisation Making Change?

Few organisations can afford to stand still. Small adjustments are being made all the time. When it comes to more significant change, a much greater challenge is faced.

In general there are likely to be several factors that could be hindering your organisation making change.

People don’t see the need for change

Whether we like it or not, people have a tendency to like what exists. Even if it is not great.

People are in denial

Yes it might be hard to accept that things are in need of change. Yet when there is a level of acceptance there is a basis for moving forward.

People don’t have the time

While an organisation might have a desire to deliver change, they also have to continue to do the day job. In the ideal world you could stop, make the change and start again. In the real world this is never going to happen.

People don’t know how

All professions have their skill set. For many professions this does not include how to make change.

People don’t adopt the right behaviours

Success in making change is rarely just down to process. More often it’s people who make it a success or a flop.

Clearly there will be other factors. At the same time management teams might well benefit from taking some time to consider what is really hindering change.

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements works with organisations to improve leadership and team working and support change and improvement.