What You Can Change To Improve Team Working

Ask most people whether more or less is achieved through team working and chances are most will agree that more can be achieved.

When it comes to practical application the landscape is often very different.

The importance of teams and team working is often spoken about but there is in many cases a disconnect between what is said and what is done.

So what can you change to improve team working?

You can create an environment that supports team working

I’m surprised how often managers and leaders who really get team working still set up things in a way that actually hinders it.
The environment you create is a critical element in team working. Make sure it supports collaboration rather than competition.

You can show the dependencies

A lot of functions are in the background rather than on the front line. Sometimes it is difficult for different groups of people to appreciate how what they do contributes to the end result.
By showing the dependencies you re-enforce the importance of team working.

You can highlight examples of great team working

A lot of organisations give awards to an employee of the month. An alternative would be to have a team of the month award.

You can help people to be more effective in teams

It’s very easy to assume that people know how to work effectively in teams. Rather than assuming, provide opportunities for people to master the skills to work effectively in teams.

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