What Can You Change To Be An Even Better Manager?

Managing is tough. You have so many different demands from different stakeholders.

On the other hand there are often small changes that you can make to be an even better manager. So what are some of these changes?

You can focus on your priorities

There is rarely an issue with too much time and too little to do. As a result it is vital that you focus on your priorities.

You can learn more about your team

Getting the best from your team is key to delivering results. Sometimes however managers don’t really get to know people sufficiently and really understand what makes them tick.

You can recognise and appreciate others

Sometimes managers (especially those from professional backgrounds) underestimate the importance of taking a genuine interest in people and their contributions.
Start recognising and appreciating people and you might be surprised at the results.

You can change how you approach your professional development

You might think you have made it now that you are a manager. On the other hand you have to recognise that you face new and often more difficult challenges.
Keeping working on your personal and professional development is key.

You can ask for feedback

You probably do a lot of things well. Chances are there are things that others see as strengths that you have that you don’t necessarily recognise yourself.
Actively seeking feedback is the way to get these insights.

You can stop interfering

People on the team like to be supported. At the same time they don’t want to be micro managed. Set out what you want and get out of the way.

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