What Aspect of Accounting Do You Really Love?

Love and accounting are perhaps not too words that naturally go together.

If your professional field is accounting there are probably some areas that you enjoy more than others.

Those areas which you love are likely to be those areas where you do your best work.

When you are focusing on the work that you really enjoy, chances are you will stand out from the crowd.

Often when working with clients they worry about not having specific experience.

While you always want to be growing and developing, the best option often is to develop and follow the path where you can contribute most and really enjoy.

The different pathways

In accounting there are two primary paths that you can follow:

The first I’ll call behind the scenes.  This typically is the accountant who focuses on the statutory reporting, cash flow, working capital management and the like.  A traditional Financial Controller might be a good example of this in a company.  Someone working in the technical department of a big accounting firm could be another example.

The second I’ll call a business or client facing.  This typically is the domain of Management Accountants and Finance Business Partners.  They work closely with an area of the business, advising, providing insight, contributing to strategy and decision making.

Is one pathway better than another?

Some might say that the days of the behind the scenes person are numbered.

Personally I think this is some way off, especially in larger organisations.

My view is that there is valuable experience to be gained in both pathways.

In the early stages of your career, the work in the behind the scenes doing what some might describe as number crunching, lays the foundations for the future.

While I personally always enjoyed the client or business facing side of accounting more, I know that I could have never done this effectively without a strong foundation to build on.