What Are You Committing To In 2016?

A new year is often a time when people make all sorts of commitments or resolutions.

More often than not they are never achieved.  I heard the other day that 80% of resolutions are never achieved.


There are several reasons in my experience.

Not Enough Desire

If I look back over my life, all the significant things that I achieved happened because there was a high level of desire.

Aspirations but No Plans

It’s great to aspire top get from where you are to where you want to get to.  On the other hand if there are no plans you are unlikely to make much progress.

Should Rather Than Will

It might be easy to say you should do something.  Trouble is should is passive.  Will do something is much more active.

Lack of Effort

Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

So what are my tips when it comes to making commitments in 2016?

  1. Only commit to something that you have a high level of desire to achieve
  2. Make a few key commitments rather than a shopping list of things you might do.
  3. Create a plan of at least the first few steps
  4. Tell someone else what you are going to do as you are more than likely to follow through
  5. Track and measure your progress.  It keeps you going and keeps you motivated.
  6. Expect it to be tough.  Anything worthwhile will involve some element of effort and resilience
  7. Create some form of accountability with someone else.
  8. Be realistic.  Nothing happens overnight in my experience.

Duncan Brodie helps professionals to be better leaders and achieve more career success.