Training Course or One to One Coaching

I think it’s fair to say that many accountants recognise that their CPD is really important to get on in their careers.

The great thing is there are so many opportunities to access learning these days.

From webinars to online or in person training courses and even one to one coaching.

One question that I’m often asked is whether it’s best to go on a training course or whether it’s best to work one to one with a coach.

In truth the answer isn’t straightforward.

There’s pros and cons to both.

Let’s use presentation skills as a topic to look at pros and cons of each.

Training Course


  • Task and finish  
  • Opportunity to practice
  • Opportunity to get feedback
  • Opportunity to learn from the group as well as the trainer
  • Cost effective
  • Really effective for learning basic skills


  • Generic content  
  • Might not focus on areas where you need help most
  • One chance opportunity

One To One Coaching


  • Tailored to your needs  
  • 100% focus on you
  • Targeted rather than generic
  • Take place over a period of time
  • Greater flexibility
  • Great for those who have the basics and want to hone their skills


  • More expensive  
  • Lose out on the learning from the group
  • Choosing the right person
  • You have to be driven to improve


Both training courses and one to one coaching have benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately it’s about determining what’s best for you at this stage in your career.