The Real Reasons Why Making Change Is Hard

If any organisation is going to continue to thrive and prosper it needs to change and adapt to what is happening externally and internally.  At a conceptual level people understand this.  On the other hand that does not necessarily mean that people embrace change.

So what are some of the reasons why making change in organisations is hard?

Reason 1: It Requires Thinking Time

In organisations people at all levels are busy taking care of the here and now.  Finding the time to stop, stand back, review and plan the way forward can be extremely tough.

However, in many ways it’s about trying to break the cycle and create the space to think and plan ahead.

Reason 2: There Is No Compelling Case For Change

Life might be a whole lot easier if people just got on and implemented what leaders and managers wanted to do.  In real life this is never going to happen.  People want to be involved, have their views heard and contribute.

As a result leaders need to be able to create a compelling case for change.

Reason 3: You Never Know How People Will React

Everyone is different. Some will be on the case straight away.  Others will hold out doing anything to the last moment.

Therefore it’s vital to adapt your style and approach to accommodate where people are in terms of acceptance.

Reason 4: There Is Risk

People might not like how things are at present.  At the same time it’s familiar to them.  Doing something different brings risk.  It might not work out.  If it does not work out people will be blamed.

So to make people comfortable with making change you have to create an element of safety and provide support.

Reason 5: There Is Suspicion

People might have been told things in the past and things didn’t quite work out the way they expected.  Naturally they are suspicious this time round.

It’s therefore vital to make sure that you make your communications around the change as full and complete as you can.  This also means highlighting any areas of uncertainty.

Reason 6: The Skills Or Knowledge Are Lacking

The public sector is a good example of this.  There are many people who are brilliant in their field.  At the same time they are not necessary skilled or knowledgeable when it comes to making change.

If you want to give your people the best chance of delivering success, equip them with the skills and knowledge.

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