The Best Leaders

A few are brilliant, some are good and others struggle when it comes to leading. So what is it in my view that results in someone being the best leader?

Want To Lead

The career path in most organisations seems to be pretty fixed. The only way up is to start managing and leading. Yet often those who are brilliant in their profession have no desire to lead.

Are Happy With Uncertainty

In most professions if you do x you achieve y result. Leading is not like that. There is a huge amount of uncertainty and this does not sit well with everyone.

Know Themselves

As a leader there are things you do well. There are also things that others do better. Knowing yourself and playing to your strengths matters.

Are Confident

I use the word confident to mean they have that inner self belief. Do they still have doubts? Of course but they don’t let that get in the way of progress.


Communication is talked about a lot. Yet often it’s good listening skills that make all the difference.


You have your ideas and perspectives. So do others, and they might even have a better perspective. If you involve people you are more likely to get their support.


There is no such thing as one leadership style that always works. You have to adapt depending on the situation and context.


Everyone makers mistakes. Leaders learn from their mistakes and use it as a basis for improvement.

Let Go

No one thrives working with a leader who tries to be involved in everything. Let go and trust others.


The effort and achievements of others.

In truth there are many contributors to being the best leader. What else would be on your list?

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