Taking Stock Of 2013

As you approach the end of the calendar year like most leaders you are probably setting aside some time to stop and take stock of what has been achieved during this year.


Chances are you set some bold intentions at the start of this year.  Looking back I am sure that you will have achieved some of the things you intended to.  More than likely you will have some things that you got so far but then got stuck.  You will also have things that you failed to achieve.


If you are like most people you will probably beat yourself up for not achieving something.  You will be able to articulate all of the reasons why things have gone wrong.


On the other hand can you do the same for those areas where you got part of the way or even achieved the result that you wanted?


In taking stock, take time to reflect on the following questions:


What did I or we as a leadership team set out to achieve at the start of the year?


Why were those goals important to me or the leadership team?


What did we identify as some of the bridges or blocks to achieving what we wanted?


How resilient was I or were we when we faced with obstacles or barriers to progress?


How did we get past the obstacles when we succeeded?


What stopped us when we failed to get past the obstacles?


How can we use past successes as a springboard to moving forward in 2014?


The reality is that everyone faces setbacks and failures as well as successes.  The challenge is to learn, adapt and come back stronger going forward.


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