Once Leaders Start Doing These Things They Get Better Results

When you are in a leadership role you are at the end of the day judged on your ability to deliver results.

At the most senior levels, leaders are often given a very limited amount of time to show progress otherwise they find their job at risk.

What I have noticed is that when leaders start to do certain things, they get better results.

So what are some of those things that once leaders start doing results in better results?

Provide Clarity

If you give people clear direction and clear expectations, more time, energy and effort is focused on results.

Involve People In Key Decisions

If you look at initiatives that have failed, most of the time a lack of involvement is a big factor in the failure.

When people are involved they are more likely to support implementation and follow through.

Listen More

Sometimes you can feel that you have to have all the answers.  The good news is you don’t.  By listening you get insights and ideas.

Focus On What Matters

You can easily keep yourself busy.  Leaders who are successful realise that they have to focus on what matters rather than merely filling up their schedule.

Leverage The Potential Of Their Teams

Leaders who are lone rangers can only achieve so much.  Moving beyond mediocrity requires a range of skills, experience, knowledge and attributes which a team offers.

Acknowledge and Praise Others

We all get hooked into this belief that successful people have something that everyone else lacks and are super human.

Leaders who are smart acknowledge and praise the contribution of others to delivering results.

Take Responsibility

It’s a risk and reward trade off.  If you want the rewards that come with being in leadership, you have to be willing take responsibility for the good and not so good outcomes.

So what do you need to start doing more to get better results as a leader?

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