Motivating Your Team

Motivation is a topic that is written and talked about a lot. It’s one of those topics that seems simple in theory but a whole lot harder in practice

Why It Matters

As a leader or manager you know deep down that the results that you achieve, depends on what other contributes.

Even if you are the most talented, committed individual on the planet you are always going to have a limited amount of time at your disposal.

So bottom line you need to get the buy-in of others.

What Really Motivates

One thing to say right up front is that there is no such thing as a generic checklist that applies to everyone.

Ultimately you need to learn what it is that makes your people tick and give their best every day.

At the same time there are some things that are going to help a lot.

Treating people with respect

You are going to click more with some more than others. Often it’s the people who are most like us that we get along best with.

Ultimately you need to treat everyone on the team with respect, even if you are never going to be best buddies.

Showing people you trust them

Delegating, empowering and then getting out of the way is one the easiest ways of doing this. But for many the need to be in control stops them from doing this.

Recognising effort and achievement

It’s funny how even a simple thank you can make a huge difference to the levels of motivation. Yet how often do you say this to people?

Supporting others success

Whenever I look back on my career, the people that stick in my mind most in a positive way were those who supported my success.

And What Really Demotivates

Blaming others when things go wrong

Rather than taking responsibility personally.

Being a control freak

Who tries to micromanage everything and trusts no one.

Taking all the glory

Even when your role in the result has been very limited.

The truth is with a bit of thought and attention, you can really get a whole lot better at motivating and achieving results through others.

Duncan Brodie helps professionals develop their soft skills.