Making Change The Norm Rather Than Something Special

The public sector is increasingly finding itself under scrutiny.  Tough times in terms of resources are usually the catalyst for increased calls for change and improvement.

It is easy to think that across the public sector everything is stuck in the past and that everything can be done better.

Of course in any organisation, whether public or private, there are always going to be opportunities to make small scale changes or improvements that yield significant gains and benefits.

Does this mean it is easy to do this?  Well in truth no.  In many ways attitudes, leadership, culture and the like play a significant part.

So what can organisations and specifically those in leadership roles or positions of influence do to make change the norm rather than something special?   change management training

Consider The Environment

If you think about it, people will only proactively work to change and improve things if they are in a supportive environment.  By that I mean one where people can try new ways, confident in the knowledge that if things don’t quite materialise as expected, they will not be made a scapegoat.

Reduce The Risk

In some settings you can take risk, in others it is much harder.  One of the most important things to do is to reduce the risk when making change.  For example by testing out on a small scale basis before your roll out more widely.

Recognise Those Who Are Proactive

There are many good things going on across the public sector.  Sadly many of the good things don’t get recognised or acknowledged.  Look at ways in which you can recognise those that are proactive and make things happen.

Make It Part of Everyone’s Role

The most successful changes and improvements usually come from those closest to the point where the service is delivered, not from corporate offices.  Try to build change and improvement into every role in the organisation.

In truth change and improvement should be part and parcel of the day to day work in an organisation.  So ask yourself what could be done to make change part and parcel of doing business rather than something outside the norm.

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