Leading a Successful Team – 5 Top Tips

I recently conducted a survey to determine some of the challenges faced by those in leadership and management roles.  One theme that kept coming up over and over again was related to the challenges of leading and managing a team.  Some of the challenges highlighted included motivating and dealing with difficult staff.

We all know that a team working together has the potential to deliver great results.  At the same time we also know just how difficult it can be to translate this potential into results.  So how can you get teams working and delivering great results?

Tip 1: Give Them A Clear Purpose

Vague goals or outcomes produce inconsistent or worst still no results.  Think about it, if people are vague about what they are trying to achieve, they are going to spend more time guessing what the result is rather than delivering results.  Make sure you give your team a clear purpose that it straightforward and unambiguous.

Tip 2: Make It A Priority

Organisations often talk about the value of teams and the difference they make.  Yet in my experience, people in organisations often work in silos.  By that I mean functions or departments take decisions and actions based on what is in the best interests of their area rather than the customer, client or end user.  So how do you do this? Let people know the bigger picture and get them focusing on the organisational goals rather than personal agendas.

Tip 3: Create The Right Environment

Ever come across the organisation that talks about the value of teams and then creates an environment of competition and self interest.  Part of creating the right environment is to create reward structures that reward collective working.  Everyone at every level needs to know that those at the top put collaboration ahead of competition.

Tip 4: Create Open Dialogue

It would be silly to think successful teams never disagree or encounter conflict.  Dialogue that is destructive is a liability to team success.  On the other hand dialogue that is constructive and challenging is an asset.  Encourage and support constructive and open dialogue.  If you are the leader set the tone for how you want people to constructively challenge.

Tip 5: Encourage Innovation

Innovation and creativity is what makes things better.  We all know that if we look at the real success in organisations, they often have arisen because people were encouraged and supported to innovate.  Having things like awards for good team working and innovation through teams motivates and raises the bar.

Bottom Line:  Teams have the potential to deliver great success if you as a leader can make them work.  So what do you need to do to create greater success from your teams?