Leadership Tips Part 1

In this blog post I’m sharing 10 tips on being successful as a leader.

Tip 1: Create A Compelling Vision

Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve for the organisation, function or team that you lead.

Tip 2: Get buy-in

To deliver your compelling vision you need to get the buy-in of all key stakeholders.

Who are your key stakeholders?

Tip 3: Focus on creating sustained success

The most successful leaders don’t just focus on the short term. They focus on long term sustained success.

What is needed to create sustained success?

Tip 4: Know your own strengths and weaknesses

If you are going to succeed you need to know what you do well and where you do not perform so well.

Complete your strengths and weaknesses analysis.

Tip 5: Keep thinking about how you can do things differently

You probably do a lot of things well and there are always opportunities to do things better.

What things could be improved in your organisation, function or team?

Tip 6: Take responsibility when things go wrong

If you take the rewards of being a leader you need to be willing to take responsibility when things do not go to plan.

Are you taking responsibility or are you looking to blame others when things do not work out as intended?

Tip 7: Be clear about the behaviours you expect of others

Set standards around what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and make sure everyone understands and follows the standards.

Tip 8: Be a role model

Act as you want others to act. Behave as you expect others to behave. Be a role model who leads by example.

What behaviours do you want to model?

Tip 9: Get a basic level of knowledge in all key business areas

You will have an area of technical expertise but if you want to succeed you need to be able to make a contribution to the corporate agenda.

What areas of business knowledge do you need to develop?

Tip 10: Praise others when a success is achieved rather than taking all of the credit personally

Recognition is a great motivator in my experience.

So that’s my first 10 leadership tips. Look out for more in part 2 of this series of blog posts.

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements helps professionals to become effective leaders.