Keeping It All in Perspective

You’re in a position of responsibility where the results that you achieve are dependent on the contribution of others.

You probably get that as a leader. Yet there is often a disconnect between what people know and what people do.

You know that to achieve anything people need to take some risk. Things might not work out as expected. Equally the opposite can happen.

How do you react as a leader or manager when things don’t go to plan?

Initially you might feel pretty annoyed or even agitated that there is a problem. You could end up saying or doing something that you later regret. You might try and make someone else accountable for what has happened.

This might all seem like a reasonable response. The trouble is when you react in this way you end up doing a lot of potential long term damage.

People will manage the message in terms of what they tell you. They won’t trust you and focus more on pleasing you rather than achieving results.

Does it all seem so attractive now?

The fact is people will try some things that won’t work out as planned and maybe even fail completely.

They will be as you, that they haven’t delivered.

Making them feel bad is not a great long term strategy.

On the other hand if you are able to keep things in perspective, it’s going to be much better long term.

Next time you have a situation where things are not going as you would like them, step back and reflect before responding.

Ask yourself how big a deal or issue is this really in the wider context.

Most mistakes can be fixed and there is always going to be learning.

Next time things are not going as well as you would like, ask yourself how big an issue is this. It might just change your perspective and mean that you respond more effectively.

Duncan Brodie helps professionals to become effective leaders.