How To Achieve More As A Leader and Manager By Doing Less

If you are like a lot of people you probably started to climb the career ladder because you built a reputation for getting things done.  No doubt you were one of those people who could be relied on to deliver on time and to a good standard consistently.


You are promoted into a leadership or management role and all of a sudden it can feel like a struggle.  Having made the breakthrough you wanted you might be surprised how difficult it is.  After all it looked effortless when on the outside looking in.


The thing that some people forget when they move into a leadership and management role is that it is very different to being the person who gets a lot done.  Your role now is to facilitate the achievement of results through others.


Yet sometimes leaders and managers get stuck in doing mode.  It is familiar to them and they know they can deliver.  Relying on others who might or might not deliver is risky.


So why should you start doing less?


The first reason is that you will be making more significant decisions.  Before taking a decision you will need to stop and think.  If you are busy doing all of the time it is hard to find the space to think.


People will also form a view of you based on how you deal with them.  If you want to have a finger in every pie, the message you will be sending, even if you don’t think it is that you don’t trust others.


If people think that you think they can’t be trusted, you will lose their respect.  And if you don’t have the respect of others it is going to tricky to get the buy in and support of others.


If you always get involved people will stop thinking for themselves and come running to you every time they are stuck, rather than trying to figure out things for themselves.


Ultimately you are being paid and rewarded for delivering results through others.  If you are not willing to delegate and empower others then you are putting your continued success in jeopardy.


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