Good Management Practice You Might Not Be Adopting

There is no shortage of advice in books, blogs, videos, workshops and training courses on what you need to do be good at managing.  The challenge is remembering all of this, especially when under pressure and it feels like you are running to stand still.

So what good management practice should always be at the forefront of your mind, no matter how many demands you are facing?

Set Clear Expectations

Most people have job descriptions.  Trouble is they by necessity are often very generic.  They are also likely to be written as a list of things to be done rather than in terms of results to be achieved.  Good managers appreciate this and set clear results based expectations for those that they manage.

Make It Clear How Success Will Be Measured

The last thing you want is surprises in appraisal meetings between the member of staff and your perceptions of what has been achieved.  It creates an awkward and difficult situation.  By being clear about how success against expectations will be measured you reduce the risk.

Do What You Promise

If you have committed to doing certain things to help an individual or team, make sure you do what you promise.  If you don’t you will end up losing the confidence and trust of others.

Be Willing To Adapt

You may well have ideas on how certain things should be done.  Others will have ideas too.  Sometimes their ideas on how to tackle something will be better than what you first thought.  If you are willing to adapt it is a sign of self confidence and will also earn you a lot of respect.

Support Others To Achieve Professional Success

Good managers employ good people.  Individuals who are good are ambitious.  They want to grow, develop and progress.  If you support them they will be much more willing to help you achieve the results you have to deliver.

Take Responsibility Publicly

There may be a difference between how you deal with someone or something privately compared to how you deal with it publicly.  Always try to avoid criticising people publicly.  Accept responsibility for what has happened and don’t try to pass the buck or blame others.

Focus On Learning And Improving

There are going to be times when things don’t go as well as you hoped.  In these situations it is how you respond that matters.  You can focus on the mistake or focus on the learning.  By focusing on the learning you shift the mindset to one of continual improvement.

Keep Learning And Developing

It is easy to think that when you become a manager you can stop developing.  In fact at this point your continuing professional development becomes even more important.

Duncan Brodie is Managing Director of Goals and Achievements and helps organisations and individuals to become better managers.  Learn more here.