Get Off The Fence and Start Making Decisions

Imagine a situation where there are 2 leaders who we will call leader A and leader B.leadership training programmes

Leader A agonises over every decision whether small or large. He or she procrastinates. He or she keeps avoiding doing anything and stops anyone else doing anything.

Leader B on the other hand accepts that whatever decision is made there is an element of risk. He or she understands that there are no guarantees. He or he appreciates that sometimes it will work out great and other times it will not go to plan. Despite this he or she weighs up the options, the benefits and drawbacks and makes the best decision possible at the time.

Which leader do you aspire to be?

In any leadership situation there is always going to be missing information. There is always going to be some element of risk. There could be failure.

Now in some professions like medicine the wrong decision could have catastrophic consequences.

Yet most of the time you’re not having to take decisions that have potentially catastrophic consequences.

So what is going on that is stopping you make the decisions. It could be:

• Fear?
• Your personal ego and focusing on how you will be perceived if it does not work out?
• A lack of trust in your own judgement?

But here is the bottom line. Decisions lead to action. When you take action you get feedback. When you have feedback you can make adjustments as necessary.

So stop sitting on the fence and start taking decisions. Not only will it impact on your results but also potentially change others perceptions of you.

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