Focus on Your Strengths If You Want To Be More Successful In Your Career

Seems obvious to say focus on your strengths.

After all if you pay attention to what you do really well, the more likely you are to perform to your potential and get on in your career.

The thing is do you really know what your major areas of strength are?

In my experience most never take the time to really determine what their real areas of strength are never mind focus on them.

So what do I mean by a major area of strength?

Essentially it’s an area where you seem to be able to perform almost perfectly the majority of the time.

For most accountants and professionals they are probably good in many areas.

On the other hand there are likely to be a short list of areas where they perform almost perfectly.

Some are brilliant when it comes to statutory accounts and reporting.

Others area of brilliance is in the area of internal management accounting and reporting.

Some are brilliant behind the scenes doing the data analysis and modelling.

Others prosper working alongside the business in driving performance and achievement of goals.

Some are brilliant at dealing with the routine and doing the day activities really well.

Others thrive in environments where there is a lot of change, challenge and uncertainty.

Sometimes there is a tendency to think that there is a right and wrong in terms of where you should be brilliant.

Of course this is a complete myth.

  • Organisations need people with different skills.
  • Organisations need people with different qualities.
  • Organisations need people with different experiences.
  • Organisations need people with different knowledge.
  • It’s the combination of different people contributing differently that leads to success.

So back to you.

What are your key areas of strength?

If you’re not sure and want to build a successful career in your professional field, take the time to get clear on this.

And once you know your strengths, starting looking for opportunities to maximise the amount of time at work you spend playing to your strengths.