Everyone Can Choose To Take The Lead

This morning I was listening to a podcast from Roy Lilley on leadership. Roy is experienced. He says it how he sees it and most of the time it’s hard to disagree with what is being said.

Today he said something that resonated for me. Essentially that at the end of the day leadership is a mindset rather than about being at a certain level or even being the most senior person.

When we are employed by an organisation, no matter what it does and the role we do, we can make choices about how we approach our work.

We can decide whether we want to talk about the circumstances, the problems, what’s wrong, why we can’t change anything. We can make the choice to be passive. self-talk

Alternatively we can decide to step up. To focus on making things better. To make the difference within our sphere of influence.

Yet how often do we do this?

Yes it might be harder, yes there might be some barriers, yes there might be others who think we are getting too big for our boots and should just toe the line.

You might be thinking that taking the lead means that you have to behave differently. Personally in my experience this is not necessary.
Of course you will have to consider the best way of approaching the challenge you face. You might even adapt or modify your style to the situation.

Yet what I have found is that those who care enough to step up and take the lead are usually brilliant at navigating their way through the obstacles they face.

So ask yourself:
1. Are you taking the lead when you know you could?
2. If not is your mindset stopping you have the impact that you know you could make?

Duncan Brodie provides practical support in the areas of leadership, change and improvement.