Assessing The Potential Organisational Risk and Opportunity Of Brexit

I do a lot of work with accountants and other professionals. One of the things that is important to many of these people is making a real contribution to the success of the organisations that they work in.

We recently had the referendum on whether to stay or leave the EU. The vote was to leave.

Like any change that is on the horizon, it presents both risk and opportunity.change

Right now all those in Finance whatever sector or industry have a real opportunity to show leadership and make a difference to their organisations.

Now you might be saying that you don’t know the detail of what might happen. That is definitely true. On the other hand you could:

Facilitate a discussion where you look at the decision and what it might mean in a very structure way.

Explore the proportion of purchases that you currently make from within the EU and more widely across the world.

Determine what impact it might have on the prices you pay for goods and services.

Assess what it might mean in terms of recruitment and retention of staff. For example in places like the NHS there has historically been a dependency on overseas staff in some areas.

While you might not have all of the answers, you certainly have the skills to facilitate discussion, contribute ideas and model the potential impact for your organisation.

So what’s your next step?

Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals to become successful leaders and build great careers.