9 Enablers To Being An Even Better Leader

Leading is tough and challenging. Some do a great job at leading. Others do okay and some struggle.

What I learned over the years is that there is no formula or blueprint that you can follow that will always produce the results you want or hope to achieve.

At the same time there are enablers that help increase the chances of achieving the results you want.

So what are 9 enablers to being an even better leader? leadership2

Enabler 1: Having clarity

Do you really know what you are trying to achieve as a leader? Hopefully yes but sometimes leaders get so obsessed with the short term that they don’t consider where they are heading towards long term.

Enabler 2: Securing buy-in

You may well have clarity about what you are trying to achieve. But if you can’t get others on board the likelihood of achieving or even making any real progress is remote.

Enabler 3: Listen more and speak less

We were given two ears and mouth. One would think that leaders would listen more than they speak. The reality is very different.

Enabler 4: Trust others

Trust is a key contributor to achieving results through teams. The easiest way to gain trust as a leader is to give it first.

Enabler 5: Hire good people

With skills, qualities and attributes that are complimentary. You can’t win a football match with 11 goalkeepers or strikers. Equally you cannot achieve the best results by having a team of people just like you.

Enabler 6: Encourage and support

If you want people to innovate or be creative you have to encourage and support people.

Enabler 7: Encourage learning rather than criticising

People will try things and chances are some of the things that they try who won’t work out. If you encourage people to learn from what they did rather than fault find you will create a more positive environment.

Enabler 8: Let go

If you don’t and try to get involved in everything you will become a blocker rather than the person who facilitates and moves things forward.

Enabler 9: Take responsibility

Being a leader involves both risk and reward. Don’t accept the rewards if you are not willing to take responsibility for results.

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