8 Things Not To Do When Leading Change

Change and adaptability is vital in any organisation in any sector. Standing still is simply not an option.
Of course understanding this and actually making successful change is very different. At the same time there are things that leaders do that help make progress in making change and things that hinder progress.

So what are 8 things leaders should not do when leading change.

Assume it will be easy

It never is. Generally it ends up taking longer than you think. Sometimes there are even more setbacks than you first envisaged.

Announce it and expect it to happen

If people are going to change they need to understand what’s in it for them. Simply announcing that it is going to happen without involvement and discussion is almost certain to result in little or no progress.

Blaming people for how things are right now

When under pressure because things are not working as they could be, it is easy for leaders to go into blame mode. Avoid this and consciously look out for signs that you are moving into blame mode.

Set unrealistic timescales

The initial stages may well progress pretty quickly but any lasting change is in my experience going to take time. Accept this and set realistic timescales.

Focus all attention on process

There is no shortage of those with the knowledge of the change process. When it comes to change the process is usually only a part of the success. The people issues are often the main challenge and need to be given sufficient focus.

Having to have all the ideas

Once you let your ego become more important than the outcome or result, you are on the downward slope. Good change leaders appreciate that having the best solution, wherever it comes from, is more important than having all the best ideas themselves.

Trying to eat the elephant

Sometimes the scale of the change is so large that people find it hard to get their head around it. Rather than trying to eat the elephant in one bite, break it down into small chunks.

Not having a plan

Planning might not be the most exciting part of a project but it is a vital part of any change. Within your pan have specific strategies, initiatives, tactics and actions.

The Bottom Line: Delivering change can be hugely rewarding and at the same time will be hugely challenging.

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