7 Management Behaviours To Avoid

Managers want top perform the best they possibly can.  At the same time it is all too easy to behave in a way that actually hinders rather than helps performance.  So what are 7 behaviours that you want to avoid.


Behaviour 1: Being Indecisive

If you take decisions you will get some wrong.  If you procrastinate you will just get stressed and frustrate others.  If you act and it does not work out, reflect and learn for the future.


Behaviour 2: Lacking In Confidence

People look to you for direction.  If you lack confidence it tends to show up in the way you manage people.  Trouble is people can sense that lack of confidence.  Usually the results are not pleasant.  We all have doubts but be willing to push through them or at least challenge them.


Behaviour 3: Wasting Time

Time is our ultimate limiting factor.  Start to view time as something you invest and choose to invest it wisely on those areas that contribute to results.


Behaviour 4: Not Delegating

There will always be a limit on what you can achieve personally.  You have to focus on what you do best and what contributes to what you are measured on.  Remember the 3 D’s: Do It, Delegate It or Dump It.


Behaviour 5: Blaming Others

Being in a management role brings certain rewards.  It also presents some risk.  If you are willing to accept the rewards you have to be willing to take responsibility.


Behaviour 6: Telling and Not Involving


There are a times when a telling style of management might be highly appropriate like in an emergency.  Most of the time you want to involve people as much as you can.


Behaviour 7: Not Dealing With Problems

Problems will always arise.  You can either deal with them or avoid them.  In reality solving problems never gets easier if you avoid them.


The Bottom Line: Managing is tough but adopting the right behaviours can significantly influence the results that you achieve.

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