7 Indicators That You Are An Effective Team Leader

Leading a team is not difficult – right?  It shouldn’t be that tough on the other hand many who lead a team find it a challenge.  Most leaders, managers and team members really get the importance of team work in delivering results.  Yet there is often a gap between what you understand and what you actually do in practice.


So are you an effective team leader?  You are probably the best judge of that and here are 7 indicators that you are on the right track.


Indicator 1: You Create The Right Conditions For Team Success


Believe it or not many team leaders minimise the chances of teams being successful by creating the wrong conditions.  I’m sure we have all been part of organisations where delivery of results was a team effort but the reward and recognition processes only focused on what the individual did.


Indicator 2: You Show The Way


Whether you like it or not, what you do, how you behave, how you interact, sets the tone for the team.  It can never be a case of you doing one thing and expecting others to behave in a completely different way.


Indicator 3: You Know Your Team Members


Most will say they know their team members and they would be right to a point.  By that I mean they know their team members at a surface level rather than having real insight into what they have to offer.


Indicator 4: You Trust Others


Trust is one of those intangibles on teams that is difficult to build and can be destroyed in minutes.  How you empower, delegate and let others take the lead all send out a strong message that you trust (or don’t trust) others.


Indicator 5: You Support Healthy Conflict


Conflict will arise on any team without doubt.  It is how you respond to it that makes a difference.  Aim to encourage constructive rather than destructive conflict.


Indicator 6: You Listen


You have ideas, experience and expertise.  Others on the team have this too.  An effective team leader will listen to others ideas and opinions.  A team leader lacking confidence will push all of their ideas on the team and listen to no one.


Indicator 7: Learn From Successes and Mistakes


There will be highs and lows on teams.  Effective team leaders recognise this and learn from successes and mistakes.


Duncan Brodie is author of the Kindle Book Being Effective Team Leader and helps organisations to improve their leadership.