6 Indicators You Are Losing The Plot As A Leader

Leading is one of those areas that appears really easy from the outside looking in. How many times have you said or heard someone else say that they could do better. Perhaps in a specific situation you could and at the same time you know that the success of a leader is really measured over the long term.

At the same time leaders do sometimes lose the plot. So what are 6 indicators that you are losing the plot as a leader?

Indicator 1: Your interests are becoming the main priority

By this I mean that your own personal agenda is becoming more important than achieving the organisation’s goals. When this happens you start to think not what is best for the organisation but what is best for you.

Indicator 2: You are not listening

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and of course you cannot let every opinion influence you. At the same time if there is a pattern of feedback that you are not listening you are probably heading for trouble.

Indicator 3: People are disengaging

Research suggests that engaged employees are 4 times more productive than those who are disengaged. Despite this there are still many examples of leaders not engaging their employees. They might not be seeking their views, listening to their ideas or pretending they are listening but never acting on suggestions.

Indicator 4: Turf wars are developing

One of the biggest challenges with teams in any organisation is to get the balance right between the interests of their own area and the wider organisation. When silo working starts to develop battles start to arise which are detrimental to organisation success and the success of the leader.

Indicator 5: People are voting with their feet

Retention and stability are two very simple ways of measuring how happy people are with the organisation, the culture, the leadership and management. Some might argue that people are hanging around because of a lack of alternatives. In the short term this may well be true but the reality is that good people will always be sought after.

Indicator 6: You are avoiding tough decisions

Leaders are in the risk and reward business. They are generally well paid for what they do and in return they have to be willing to have the courage to make the tough and sometimes difficult decisions.

The Bottom Line: Leading is tough and you need to be staying on the top of your game if you want to have continued success.

Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals to become highly effective leaders.