5 Realities About Change and Improvement In Organisations

We need to change, innovate and find new ways of working.  It’s probably something that’s said a lot of the time in organisations.

In the public sector it has been and will probably continue to be a recurrent theme for the foreseeable future.

Having being involved in several large scale change projects, it’s fair to say that there is often a big difference between a desire and actually delivering change.

So what are 5 realities when it comes to change and improvement in organisations?

Reality 1: It Takes Time

It might be easy to buy into the idea that changes are achieved overnight.  The reality is very different, especially in large organisations.  There are so many interdependencies.

Solution: Get the balance right between driving things forward and realism.  Better to achieve a good outcome over a slightly longer time frame than a problem ridden outcome quickly.

Reality 2: It Can’t Be An Add On To The Day Job

While people are changing things day by day, hour by hour, larger scale change needs to be properly resourced.  If it is something that people are expected to fit in to an already busy schedule it will never happen.

Solution: Make sure that you are properly resourcing major change initiatives rather than just hoping it will somehow get done.

Reality 3: You Need To Engage Employees

You can have the best tools, ideas and processes but if you don’t get the engagement, buy-in and support of people, nothing will happen.

Solution: Make engagement of employees and other key stakeholders a core part of any change initiative that you are undertaking.

Reality 4: Everyone Needs To Know Why Change Is Necessary

Most are to a greater or lesser extent more comfortable with what is familiar to them.  If they are going to change they need to fully understand why change is really necessary.

Solution: Whenever thinking about and planning any communication around change, start with getting clarity about why it is necessary.

Reality 5: You Have To Create The Right Environment

There is little point in asking people to be innovative then blaming them if things don’t work out as well as expected.  They will simply play it safe.

Solution: Create the environment where people are encouraged and supported to try out new ways on a small scale and learn.

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