10 Signs of Problems With Morale In An Organisation

Organisations understand that success or performance they achieve depends not just on being productive but also on having high levels of morale.  In many healthcare organisations a great job is done at keeping productivity high.  At the same token morale might be falling through the floor.


So what are 10 warning signs of problems with morale in your organisation?


Sickness levels are rising significantly either within the whole or part of the organisation.  Of course there is always going to be some levels of sickness.  On the other hand is your organisation or part of the organisation experiencing higher levels than normal?


Staff are leaving in droves or you are noticing that you are losing all of your best people.  Good people always have choices and options open to them.


Agreed deadlines or targets are being missed more than they are being achieved


You are seeing an increase in complaints or concerns in one or more parts of the organisation from users of your services or from your staff.


The level of mistakes is getting higher.  This could mean that the levels of pressure are getting intolerable or are not sustainable over the longer term.


People are disengaging or just going through the motions rather than proactively seeking to improve things..


People are increasingly working in silos and behaving in ways that are beneficial for them or their area but detrimental to the overall organisation results.


People are blaming each other when things are not working or seeking to apportion the blame.


People are not taking responsibility for what they have agreed to deliver.


People are working excessively in order just to do the business as usual stuff and it is creating a lot of tensions.


The Bottom Line: There are going to be times when there is a huge demand on people.  At the same time low levels of morale for long periods of time adversely impacts on performance, productivity and service user satisfaction.

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