10 People Mistakes Poor Leaders Make

Good leaders understand that the success that they deliver is down to them getting the best from each and every employee.  Given this reality you would have thought that all leaders would be determined to get the best return from what is a significant investment in employees.


At the same time there is often a huge gap between what people know and what they do and how they behave.


So what are 10 people mistakes poor leaders make?


People Mistake 1: Assuming Everyone Is Like Them


If you are a leader you are probably very driven, motivated with a strong desire to achieve.  Just because you are motivated by achievement, does not mean everyone is.


Solution:  Take time to find out what motivates each individual on the team.


People Mistake 2: Not Listening


Most leaders can communicate in writing and verbally.  Some will even view themselves as excellent communicators.  In reality what sets apart the best leaders from the rest is their ability to listen.  You really never can listen too much but you definitely can listen too little.


Solution: Put yourself on mute, say less and listen more.  Try this out at a meeting.  You might just be surprised at the results.


People Mistake 3: Investing In Equipment and Facilities But Not In People


If your computers were running at 70% of capacity, you would invest in doing something about it.  On the other hand may employers invest little or nothing in helping employees to be more personally effective and perform at their peak.


Solution: Give equal priority to investing in people’s development as you do to investing in equipment and facilities.


People Mistake 4: Not Winning The Support Of People


You want to make change and you want to make it fast.  Trouble is if you are going to make change a success you have to win the support of employees and other key stakeholders.


Solution: Invest the time and effort to get the support you need before making change.  This will greatly increase your chances of success.


People Mistake 5: Blaming Others


Sometimes things go well.  At other times things don’t work out as well as you had hoped.  As a leader you are responsible and accountable.  Don’t try to pass the buck and blame others.


Solution: Be accountable and responsible for results as a leader.


People Mistake 6: Continually Finding Fault


People want and value feedback.  However, if all the feedback is negative or fault finding, people just lose confidence and respect for you.


Solution: Provide balanced feedback


People Mistake 7: Stalling When Change Is Needed


Sometimes you have to make tough calls.  It is not easy but is part of the job.  Stalling on change impacts on results and people end up getting frustrated.


Solution: Don’t avoid taking the tough decisions.  They don’t get easier the later it becomes, they just get later.


People Mistake 8: Mot Knowing What People Can Contribute


Can you honestly say that all the potential on your team is being properly utilised?  Chances are there are contributions you could get from others that you are not even aware of.


Solution: Get to know your team and what they can contribute.


People Mistake 9: Stopping People Taking Balanced Risks


Every breakthrough has risks attached to it.  If you never try, you will never know if something can work.


Solution: Encourage people to take balanced risks and support them to learn from the results that they achieve.


People Mistake 10: Treating People As A Payroll number Rather Than A Person


People want development, challenge, growth, feedback and recognition.  If they don’t get it they will vote with their feet and walk away.


Solution:  Take a real interest in people.  If you treat them well they will repay you way in excess of the time and effort you invest.


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